Saturday, 15 December 2007

And by the way (XML).... - free blogger design

Yes! I do listen!

This design is called "And By The Way..." and it's available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (ie: it means that you can change it however you like, you just have to make sure credit comes back to me).

The design is free and works with "new" blogger - ie: it's an XML template, based on a popular one I did for "classic" blogger (which can be found here, if for some odd reason you want it for classic blogger).

  • Download the XML template: here (zip)
  • View more Blogger templates: here


Anonymous said...


i relly like this template, howvere icant seem to get it on my blog. since its still html. How do iget it to xml?

vivien said...

Hi Vivien,

The file is xml (and is within the zipped up folder) - it's called "bytheway.xml" - there is no need to "open" this file - you just have to upload it.

Instructions here:


Jena said...

Thanks for answering my question right away. I didn't figure out how to change the pink part, however, just the very back background. Is it possible to turn the pink to a light red?
Thanks! said...

Thanks Jena,

I'm afraid that all the images will need to be remade if you're wanting the inner background (pink) to be a different colour - they are all images.

You're welcome to edit them yourself. I'm afraid I have no time to do it.


.:Thea:. said...

For some reason, the width of it all got changed. I edited the image, and it doesn't fit. I'm an idiot when it comes to html and xml, can you help me with the code to resize it?
You can see it at said...

Hi Thea,

Yeah, its all ok except the image is only 800 pixels wide and not 850. Here is the image path to the original image:

save that image and then edit it again?
The easiest way (because the inner background is an image and is 850px wide - so if we make it only 800px wide then the right hand border wont be visible).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love it..

I'm going to use it...^^


Anonymous said...

I love this layout...and it would look just as great in black and white too! Would you consider that?

miukat said...

Hi! I love your templates and was so happy to find your website. It took me a while to upload it however. After reading all the comments, I realized that Internet Explorer was causing the problem. I downloaded Firefox and it was solved instantly! :)
Thanks for all your hard work.

traciethediva said...

Can this template accommodate embedding comments? thanks! great theme I love it!


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